Smart Ideas for a Rocking Letterbox Distribution Campaign

It is true that sometimes marketers tend to ignore the humble letterbox distribution with digital platforms like social media and apps claiming most of the attention. If you neglect it for the more attractive marketing tools, it would indeed be a mistake. Here are some of the ways to make letterbox drop successfully work for your promotional campaign.
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How to Make Your Flyer Distribution Campaign More Effective

Coca Cola undoubtedly has great success rate so far as brand addiction is concerned, but still it opts for crazy advertising! Ever wondered why?

Big brands that have attained great heights of success always endeavor to rope in newbie’s as well as new customers. Be it a small, medium or a large business, there are a number of advertising means that can be adopted to reach out to the target market, with handsome results.
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How to Escape the Email Junk Folder

One of the most effective online marketing channels, email marketing can take your business to newer heights. However, there are high chances that the emails will land up in the junk folder of the receiver. For those who are keen on avoiding this at all costs, here are some great tips.
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7 Reasons to consider print for your ‘Non-Traditional’ content strategy

I was on the phone this week talking to a customer about different options in print. He was interested in the discussion because he felt they needed to do more non-traditional marketing.

Just think about that for a second… print is non-traditional marketing. That’s where we are today.  Blogging, social media, web articles… that’s all very traditional. Now, am I saying that brands should be looking at print as an opportunity right now to get and keep attention? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
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