Why letterbox advertising should be in your marketing mix


Delete. Delete. Delete. It’s so easy to delete an email.

“If you don’t know the sender and the subject doesn’t grab your attention, you send an email to the trash faster than we can say “Spam”. Unopened and unread.”

In this digital age, your inbox sees more action than your letterbox. However, the flood of email communication actually makes people more receptive to printed material that lands in their letterboxes. Furthermore, research shows that people retain messaging and engage more intimately with paper-based communications. We can’t argue with that!

This presents an exciting opportunity for marketers and business owners. More than ever, letterbox distributions have the ability to target the right person, at the right time, with the right message. You have better access to exciting creative and eye-catching print formats. And all of this is delivered at a price that doesn’t blow your marketing budget out the water.

Here are top four reasons why you should not ignore the power of the letterbox for your business:

  • Value for Money

With your advertising budgets constrained, you’re constantly seeking the best way to spend your money to get the best return. Letterbox campaigns deliver great results for even the tightest marketing spend. With consistent branding and messaging, you can get your audience’s attention and drive action, be it to book a table for Mother’s Day, place an order or visit your website. You can reach a large audience cost effectively, and with frequent campaigns, you can build up great brand recognition over time without the high costs of radio, TV or newspaper advertising.

  • Attention Grabbers

We’ve become a visual nation. You only have to look at the rise of sites like Pinterest to know that stunning photographs and images will get people’s attention. Direct mail opens a whole world of opportunities for creative designs. You can push the boundaries with a range of formats, styles, colours, shapes, sizes…all of them directing your consumer to an unmissable call to action. The tangibility of letterbox flyers means you can get creative in both the look and feel of your marketing materials.

  • Hit the Target

Advances in technology means the letterbox is becoming more targeted than ever before. Letterbox drops can be targeted to the streets surrounding your restaurant, every household in the city or a specific geographic area who are likely to need or want your services. With such precisely targeted campaigns, you can be sure that your leaflets are getting into the hands of your future customers and will steer them through your doors.

  • Get Personal

Regardless of the marketing channel, consumers value relevant and individualised marketing messages – but localised mail excites people in a way that emails don’t. With direct mail, you can accurately tailor your messaging to appeal to your audience and inspire them to take action.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not saying that direct mail marketing should be the only tool you use. In fact, email and letterbox drops are the perfect partners; and letterbox advertising is a fantastic method to promote your online presence! So if your budget can extend to both, look at how you can target your message in the letterbox and the inbox. Just make sure your branding and message are consistent. 

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