Cheap Letterbox Distribution isn’t Good, Good Letterbox Distribution isn’t Cheap!!

Cheap Flyer Distribution. Is it really what you want?


Cheap Flyer Distribution. Is it really what you want?

I’m often told “I’ve been quoted $55/1000 for Flyer distribution from company xyz, why would I pay your prices?” and my initial thoughts are well good luck with them. In my experience ‘you get what you pay for’. Here at APA our prices aren’t the cheapest but the results that we get for you and the services that we provide exceeds KPI’s of the industry.
Many people don’t realise is that when it comes to letterbox distribution it is a simple matter of maths. If the company isn’t charging even enough to cover the direct cost of labour for the distribution, then how will they make a profit?

It is NOT about getting the “LOWEST QUOTE” in the unregulated letterbox distribution industry. For this company to be making any kind of real profit either there is foul play involved as we have seen over the years and heard from customers they may not be delivering all of your flyers. They may do this by over quoting for the area of distribution e.g. charging for an area as 10,000 households when there is only 6,000 households or just simply not delivering all of your flyers. This way you may be paying $55/1000 but they are actually earning up to double that if they are only delivering half of your flyers. And for you it’s not just costing you double for your flyer distribution on lowest quote, plus the wasted cost of Printing!

Then these other big catalogue distribution companies, distributing Coles, Woollies multi page catalogues (8 -10 catalogues) all rolled up together and your small A5 or DL flyer is lost in the bundle!  If the resident is not interested in grocery catalogue, your flyer also gets lost as a part of junk mail! And this is if all these catalogues are delivered by the walker at all!

So how much is it costing you? Is it worth putting your hard earned money with company quoting lowest price per 1000?

It’s not about Lowest Price – It’s about getting flyers in every letterbox that will translate to good RESULTS that helps you get more clients for your business – True – isn’t it?

“Fact: if human beings are not cross checked they may take a shortcut or not do a job properly”. So how can you trust the companies that do not have systems to cross check their team of walkers?

In Letterbox distribution, if the walkers are not cross checked, will they do the right thing?  Simple, if the walkers are NOT GPS TRACKED, they may NOT deliver all of your flyers!

The GPS tracking system that we use is available to all letterbox distribution companies, but 99% of our competitors choose not to use it, because they may not want you to know what has really been delivered!

Just going with the cheapest price isn’t always the best option, just think what you would go for if you were buying a parachute! Would you go for the cheapest possible option? You should always do some research into the company you are looking at. You need to think about conducting long-term business with this company and if something does not seem right, do you really want to work with them?

Working with professional and knowledgeable companies is valuable and when that strategy is broken it can have a disastrous effect. Similarly, after you’ve invested time and money in a service, you don’t want the final product to be any less than you imagined.

So consider this when choosing your letterbox distribution company. When it comes to cheap Flyer distribution you really do get what you pay for and if something seems cheap then there is always a reason why.

Transparent distribution model — powered by GPS Tracking — Best in the industry.

APA guarantees the delivery of their client’s flyers into a minimum of 90% of all letterboxes within the demarcated area of the client as agreed.

You could let us handle your campaign from your original idea through to the final distribution. We can take care of design, copywriting and printing.

You will benefit from our years of experience in this field. You will get the best advice on the design & layout of your flyers, along with advice on the demographics of the area and number of properties in your catchment area that will give you the best ROI.

Yes, you can contact APA Flyer distribution today & we can be of help to make your letterbox distribution a success.

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