The winning 4 step digital strategy

It is no secret that digital platform is merging as the best platform to get the customers and brands are trying to make a strong foothold in it. In today’s digital era, brands need to be careful while implementing any digital strategy. Digital strategy offers brands and companies new, unique ways of engaging with their customers and audiences to a far higher level than has been previously possible.  Initial faltering steps in digital marketing such as PPC and SEO are the tip of the iceberg as to what is possible.
Following are the 4 core stages to building and running a successful digital strategy

This step involves analysis of aim and the expected results. The companies need to thoroughly understand what their stands for and what is its mission and vision. At this stage, the core focus areas and target audiences are identified so that a plan can be developed.

This step is the campaign formulation stage where the planning is used to prepare key performance indicators (KPIs) for each channel and expected ROI is calculated. The creation stage for each channel finishes on the launch of each channel.

This is the delivery of a campaign wherein the engagement timeline is developed. It is advisable to form an engagement loop with the audience. As it goes, the campaign message can be customized or optimized.

This stage involves the imperative to learn the lessons of the campaign. KPIs are evaluated, fiscal achievements are analyzed, and engagement is reviewed. Feedback can be taken on the overall campaign so that the future campaigns can be designed better. This helps in improving the effectiveness of future campaigns and strategies by becoming the key building block in planning them

All the digital strategies or campaigns can be divided in the above mentioned 4 stages so that they can be monitored in a more effective manner.

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