Mapping your local area – is Critical to success for your letterbox distribution

Prior to starting an advertising campaign, it is important to identify your target audience. The demography closer to your business location. Otherwise, all your endeavours and investment will go to waste. However, determining the target market is not as easy as it appears. In spite of it being the most difficult part of an advertising campaign, you need to ensure that you get it right. After recognizing your target customers, you should attempt to find out the right campaign distribution region. Mapping the right area will help you to distribute your flyers to the appropriate letterboxes. This will assure a good return on investment and make sure that you are not putting your time and money on the wrong people.

Do You Know What Mapping Stands For?

Even a couple of decades back, a highlighter and a map were needed to determine a flyer distribution area. Today, high-tech tools are used to create maps that split up and pinpoint the exact area of your target customers. Maps are used to mark the catchment regions, waves, places of interest, radius boundaries and more.

Two types of maps are often used for mapping flyer distribution areas. They include:

  • Heat Maps: Heat maps are basically a visual representation of the location where your target audience is. They pinpoint the high to low population density of the demographic you selected. This allows you to aim only those locations that have a sizeable population of your target clients.
  • Overlay Maps: Overlay maps may highlight radius boundaries, catchment regions, landmarks as well as households within a specific drive time to your office.
Which Regions to Target for Flyer Distribution and How?

Demographic targeting information is typically used to find out the areas that have the majority of your target customers and prepare a distribution map suiting your criteria.
The answers to the following questions would help you map your flyer distribution area in the best way possible:

Which particular suburbs or postcodes do you wish to target?
How far away should be the targeted area from your location of business?
Is there any specific suburb that you don’t want to target?
What if there are too many residential units in your designated region?
Following the above tips would help you identify your target market and map out the areas of your advertisement campaigns. You will be able to send your letterbox flyers to the right population. Make sure that you design and print your flyers before venturing out for advertisement campaigns. Choosing the right printing company will help you design and print your flyers.

APA’s Accurate Delivery Maps.

APA Flyer Distribution customises its delivery maps to meet your specifications.

We take great pride in offering complete, high-quality and accurate deliveries. We accept nothing less – and neither should you. We have instituted an in-house quality control system that has yet to be duplicated anywhere else in our industry. Our transparent distribution model – powered by GPS Tracking is the best in our industry.

Transparent distribution model — powered by GPS Tracking — Best in the industry.

Yes, you can contact APA Flyer distribution today & we can be of help to make your letterbox distribution a success.
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