Smart Ideas for a Rocking Letterbox Distribution Campaign

It is true that sometimes marketers tend to ignore the humble letterbox distribution with digital platforms like social media and apps claiming most of the attention. If you neglect it for the more attractive marketing tools, it would indeed be a mistake. Here are some of the ways to make letterbox drop successfully work for your promotional campaign.

People adore letters
Yes, individuals like receiving actual mails, more than Facebook messages, text messages or Emails. Believe it or not, that’s the truth! Given this, a well-designed creative drop card can have a real positive impact on the sentiment. People would definitely wish to pick up such materials and read them.

Letterbox is something competitors overlook
There are many businesses that are too busy on Facebook or emails that they often overlook letterbox distribution. The fact is that every week, the number of unaddressed marketing materials reaching an average Australian household is below two. Considering this, letterbox gives a wonderful opportunity if you wish to capture the desired attention.

Steer clear of email overload
One of the most significant benefits of a promotional campaign through email is that you can reach countless number of prospective customers. However, the number of people who actually open marketing items (leave aside reading them) is very low, with the majority of users simply clicking on the delete button. You can conveniently ignore an email, but it is not so easy to overlook an item that has a physical existence.

Get to where you want
Suppose you are planning an email marketing campaign. Do you know all the email addresses of the person residing in the areas you want to target? Definitely no! You just have a rough idea regarding where your target audience lives, which implies that letterbox marketing is a seamless way to reach them directly. You can run your campaign with the confidence that the proper audience is receiving your message.

Remain lucid

You should keep your message coherent and clear. A flyer or a brochure devised for letterbox drop does not have huge space, so it is advisable to remain to-the-point in your message. Be simple, through incorporation of some snappy description, a punchy tagline, and last but not the least, your contact details. Try to avoid brainteasers or obscure humor.

Stick to a particular brand
Get yourself branded in any message you send through the letterbox. This means, try to go for consistent language, imagery or color. An effectual letterbox campaign would drive the point without deviating from the marketing strategy of your business.

Capture attention
We have discussed that people love getting physical mails. But that does not imply that every mail will get attention and will drive past the ‘No Junk Mail’ sign. Anything that is too boring or filled with excessive promotional stuff is bound to make its way to trash. An eye-catchy, appropriately designed item is very likely to be read.

Write good content
When you distribute a promotional tool through the letterbox, you do not have enough scope to incorporate a lot of text. So make sure that whatever copy you write is clean and devoid of any kind of spelling mistakes, convoluted sentences or repeated words. Also double check the contact details, because the entire marketing campaign would be worthless if the phone number is not correct.

Inspire the desired action
A successful letterbox drop drives people to do something. It can be anything from dialing a number to dropping in the office or showroom or visiting the website. If you are not triggering any action through your campaign, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

So you see that the letterbox is still in! What you need to do is prepare for your marketing best and drive the most powerful results through your campaign.

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