Effective Ways to Make your Stall Stand Out at an Event

Whether you are at a local trade fair or an expo, a small market or a large exhibition center, market events where stalls are set up are a great way to showcase your business in front of new and interested customers. Having a market stall may seem like a small step but keep in mind; only interested people will take the time to visit such an event, increasing the number of potential clients exponentially.

While there is no written formula for success, here are some tried and tested methods that could help boost results regardless of what business stall you may have:

Find a Way to Stand Out
Before you are able to make a successful sale, you need to ensure that people are giving you the right attention. In a crowd of many stalls, it is easy for a visitor to overlook some. What you first need to focus on is getting customers to stop and look at the stall. The key is to increase your stall’s visibility as much as possible. Try to use a fair amount of displays and signs to portray what your business is. The worst thing you can do is have confusing and unclear signs that can irk potential customers. It is an unsaid rule that successful stalls can communicate all the right factors in the first five seconds of looking at it itself.

Smile as if the World Depended on It
Another thing that can draw potential clients to your stall is the confidence that is portrayed on the faces of the persons at the stall. A nice smile can often draw people to your stall. To break the ice, it is a good idea to start a casual conversation. While you could have some pointers ready for use, do not have a rehearsed pitch or script that may seem impersonal. When you have more customers at your stall, it automatically draws others in too out of curiosity.

Make Yourself Available
Once you make a sale, there’s a fair chance the customer may wish to purchase the product again or refer it to an interested friend. Try and have visiting cards or stickers with contact details to make it easier for them to find you again.

Besides the above mentioned tips there are various strategies to help your business gain interest such as distributing free samples or some extra PR.

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