How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Flyer

When designing any print marketing piece, particularly letterbox advertising, make sure to choose the right paper. Check out the step by step procedure to help you with the same:  

Advertising revolves around several factors including right time, right message, and right place. However, for a letterbox campaign, you need to consider an extra factor to consider, i.e. choosing the right paper.

After all, the paper you choose for your flyer will directly impact your brand image. More simply, if you choose poor quality paper then it will damage your existing reputation, whereas going for high-quality paper will enhance your company’s image, thereby allowing you to get more customers.

Paper also creates the tangible element of your marketing campaign – for instance, it tells you how will the flyer feel when the receiver holds it? It allows you to know whether your flyer will feel luxurious, solid or traditional.

And then, your paper should be sensible enough so as to help you with an effective marketing campaign. Some kinds of paper may be folded much easily in comparison to the others and can attain various printing effects.

There are usually two major things to consider when selecting your paper:

Paper density
Paper density is basically the weight of the paper and it is measured in GSM (grams per square metre). The better the GSM, the heavier and thicker the paper will be. Moreover, this adds value to the paper, and gives professional feel to your marketing campaign.

Paper Finish
Once you’ve determined the paper weight, the next thing that you need to consider is the finish. Today, you’ll find innumerable fancy finishes around, however, the most common that you can consider are gloss, matte and silk.

The paper finish speaks largely about your brand. While gloss may appear more premium and comfortable in comparison to unfinished paper, it may not work for a charity. Hence, make sure to consider the brand image, which you wish to depict.

With the right steps to follow, you are sure to make your flyer a cut above the others.

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