How to Source the Right Images for your Brand

The images that you choose for your brand can significantly influence the way your audience perceives you. Most brands are able to create a personality for themselves by making smart use of images. Finding the right images to use in your physical and digital marketing communications can make or break your brand. Here are a few ways to find the right images. 

Do the Images Resonate with your Brand Personality?
When browsing through images you want to make sure that the ones you use on your blog, social media or other marketing material effectively communicate what your business stands for. The ideal way to go about this is to sit back and reflect on your brand voice, the personality you have worked hard to create around it, and having clarity on who your target demographic is.

For instance, if your ideal client is a middle-aged woman who values beauty and art, make sure you focus on finding creative and beautiful images.

Sourcing the Right Images
Once you have identified these factors, it is time to begin sourcing the right images. You may choose to create them yourself by hiring a photographer or create a folder where you store images that resonate with your brand.

When looking for images online, avoid simply Google searching them, downloading them and using any old image you find. Not only will you fall into trouble for doing that. Make sure you find images from sources that have given you the permission to use them for your marketing requirements.

You will be able to find a number of industry specific as well as generic stock photo portals that allow you to download images at a fee or even for free.

It is easy to get stuck deep down a rabbit hole of searching for the perfect image. The right way to go about sourcing the right image is to be quick and decisive.

  • Visit a website that offers stock images
  • Use relevant keywords and ideas that would bring up relevant images for your brand
  • Pick one the fits your mood and vibe.

You will soon be able to shortlist a great set of images that help you create an appealing marketing plan.

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