lalor park Early learning Centre

I would like to say thank you to James for organising this and making it easy for me. He is always very helpful and prompt. We have had some good results already, approximately 5 new enrolments which is a significant result, so thank you to the APA team.

Mariem Terry

Stefan Sojka, Cyrius Media Group Pty Ltd

Very good. Quote a few people have confirmed they received the newsletter, from all different areas of your delivery, so all is good!

Thanks to you and James and the whole team for all your help and support.

Marina Lovie, Do-Re-Mi Child Care Centre

Thank you and I am very impressed with your service. We have had a lot on enquiries so I know that the flyers were definitely delivered. This is the best response we have had so I will definitely be getting your company to distribute our next lot of flyers in January.

Scott Condon, The Pizza Shop

Just want to let you know we are very satisfied with the service you provided. We have had a great response from the distribution.
We will definitely use you again for future campaigns.

Melissa Patterson

May I have a copy of my receipt of payment for my tax. The job seems to be paying off and I will be using your company again in the near future.

Daniel L. Associated Accountants, NSW

Thank you for your immediate response and help. In the past four years of using my previous printing company I have never received such wonderful service. Don’t get me wrong, they are good and I am loyal, but I think I’m convinced to make a switch. You guys are the best and you got me for life.

Jeff Seltzer, AS Distribution (Aus) P/L, Punchbowl, NSW

The exuberance, artistry and technical skills that you contributed to our advertising, speaks of your skills highly. This project has made all the difference in the world to us.

Michael Hiller, Exquisite Custom Furniture, Victoria

I just wanted to let you know that we received our Flyers today!! You did such an incredible job. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job for our Advertising, I appreciate it.

Dave Justus, Revolving Rooms Interior Designs; Bondi, NSW

Your service is greatly appreciated! The cards came just in time and they are exactly what I expected. I will be doing more business with you soon! Thanks again, I’ll be talking good things about you folks.

S&B Communications, Miranda, NSW

I have never in my entire business career dealt with a printer for an order of colour printing which did not take-for the most part-several weeks to complete a job. Your process is almost unbelievable in terms of both quality and date of completion. You’ll be getting a lot of business from us in the future- and I’ll be referring your cheap printing services to many others.