5 Advantages of a Brochure that make them a Marketing Favourite

What is it about the brochure in particular that makes them so effective? More importantly, what are the advantages of a brochure in today’s digital age?

You’ve realized it’s time to add a new marketing piece to your company’s repertoire. Perhaps you’ve considered multiple options, a brochure being one of them. Having worked in the advertising business for many years, we are strong supporters of the good old fashioned brochure. They have stood the test of time as a go-to marketing tool—and for good reason.

Advantages of a brochure

Our list of the top five advantages of a brochure:

  1. Brochures can cover a large amount of information in a small amount of real estate.

Known for being compact both in shape and messaging, brochures offer a lot of information for their size. Most brochures are able to introduce the company, provide a snapshot of products and/or services, as well as share features and benefits and contact information — essentially a condensed version of what a website does.

One of the advantages of a brochure is that, when done well, the consumer will have a good idea of what your company is all about and what you have to offer simply from browsing your brochure.

  1. They are extremely versatile.

Compared to postcards and other forms of print materials, brochures can be mailed, used on location, or handed out at events. These multi-purpose attributes makes the decision to print a larger number of brochures fairly simple, since you know you will be able to use them in a wide variety of ways in the future.

  1. Brochures are easy to distribute to a targeted audience.

Whether it’s at a large event or distributing them in letterboxes, another one of the advantages of a brochure is that they are a simple but effective way to target a specific group of people. This method is especially useful for local businesses or small franchises.

  1. Brochures are cost-effective, especially when ordered in bulk.

As noted earlier, most companies can safely produce a larger number of brochures and order them in bulk, since they know they can use them in many different ways over time. Larger orders often mean lower prices — always a win.

  1. They capture a reader’s undivided attention.

Compared to flashing banner ads that compete for attention, or even billboards that consumers may drive by before they have a chance to read, one of the advantages of a brochure is that they offer a simple, tangible way to receive information. After a long day in front of a computer, many people are probably more likely to glance through a brochure than pay attention to advertisements on the internet.

Simplistic though it may seem, brochures can be passed from person-to-person. This old school referral method still works today, and shouldn’t be discounted.

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