Letterbox distribution may help you get more listings if done properly!

99% of Real Estate business, Success or Failure is directly related to your ability to GET MORE LISTINGS !!


Letterbox Distribution May Help You Get More Listings If Done Properly!

However, there are two major problems with regards to flyers distribution!!

1. Dumping

(Research has shown that up to 50% of all printed flyers never reach the customer!)

2. Bundling

(Your flyer may end up wrapped in half a dozen other supermarket brochures and the customer may never see your flyer)

Research confirms print advertising is influential in selling properties faster

In an information release prepared and released by not-for-profit trade media publication Newspaper Works, the data shows that homes in Sydney were sold for an average $50,000 more when advertised on both mediums.
Houses across the country advertised on both mediums sold on average seven days faster compared with those only advertised online. by CoreLogic
Homes sell for more when advertised in print and online

Independent research has shown that bulk-deliveries and bundling can reduce the response rate to a piece of direct mail by up to 40%.

01: Firing Blanks with Outlook.com

Your Flyer will not be bundled with Supermarket 10 – 20 pages catalogues.

02: Category Exclusivity:

Your flyer will not be delivered with any competitive company or anything bigger than the size of your leaflet.

03: Timing:

Your Distribution can be done on your preferred days.

04: Cross Check:

We invite you to cross check whilst distribution is in progress

05: Field Supervisors:

All Supervisors are also tracked by GPS Devices

05: Proof of Deliveries:

“Full GPS Track Report” to check what street delivered or missed!


“I would like to thank all the staff at Print4Less for the excellent, professional services provided to us over the past 2 yrs. Our marketing reports for the year 2010–2011 have proved to be much better than we originally envisaged. It has also allowed us to expand
our marketing reach beyond our original limits. Stephen A -Director C..Pest Management

We have had several enquiries from our flyer drop and want to thank you so much for your
efficiency & professionalism’ Louise Simmons, Absolute Fitness


If this feels & looks Good to you, Please call us for obligation free quote today. We will work with you to get the best Results for you from your advertising dollars spent.


It’s Not WHAT We Do – It’s HOW we Do

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