How to become a local hero with LAM

Businesses big or small, local or national, new or old – All get the majority of their customers from their LOCAL AREA within a close proximity to their business location. Thus majority of marketing experts focus a lot on the LOCAL AREA MARKETING (LAM). For a new business since you are still in a nascent stage you cannot spend a great deal on advertising. Try out Local Area Marketing (LAM). In this area of marketing the size of the firm does not matter. Here are some methods where LAM can be used.

Get in With Other Local Businesses

Start a collaboration with other businesses with whom you are not competing with. Make this bond stronger by promoting each other’s stuff. More and more people will come to know of the products & services. An example is a cafe advertising the top 10 books which are being sold in a nearby bookstore. In return, the book place can offer their buyers discounts cards from the cafe. Leave your flyers at their shop and ask them to do the same at your business location.

Hold an Event for the Local Media

It is secret that a strong relationship with the media will benefit you. If you want to attract their attention do something to show them in a good light. Honouring them on their business anniversary with a party or launching a product of theirs are ways to go about this.
Earn more goodwill by inviting a local personality. Here is your for some promotion by way of photo opportunities. Calling the press photographer is a must.

Offer Support to a Local Hero

Be in the good books of any community by helping out a popular person who could pride and joy to Australia all over the world. The best way to do is through sponsorship.

Make Your Presence Felt in Local Events

Win some favour by paying the money for community events or local fairs. Schools in the area might need funding. This is the great promotion as more people come to hear about you. Hand out your flyers at these events.

Make Your Presence Felt with letterbox drops

The best way of getting your name out and promoting your specials is through a letterbox. We all get so many emails that we ignore and so do we ignore so many TV advertisements as they infringe upon our working time or leisure time. But with a humble flyer in a letterbox, it does get much higher chance of being seen than many other forms of advertising. Plus it does not cost an earth to advertise in your local area. Studies have shown letterbox distribution works provided you have good promotion and good distribution company.

Marketing is the key to a successful business, small or big. LAM might be the catalyst the your business needs.

So consider this when choosing your letterbox distribution company. When it comes to cheap Flyer distribution you really do get what you pay for and if something seems cheap then there is always a reason why.

APA guarantees the delivery of their client’s flyers into a minimum of 90% of all letterboxes within the demarcated area of the client as agreed.

You could let us handle your campaign from your original idea through to the final distribution. We can take care of design, copywriting and printing.

You will benefit from our years of experience in this field. You will get the best advice on the design & layout of your flyers, along with advice on the demographics of the area and number of properties in your catchment area that will give you the best ROI.

Yes, you can contact APA Flyer distribution today & we can be of help to make your letterbox distribution a success.

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As the saying goes “cheap is not good, good is not cheap”

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