Why Choose APA?

Please be aware there are two major problems with regards to flyers distribution!!

1: Dumping

Research has shown that up to 50% of all printed flyers never reach the customer’s letterboxes!

2: Bundling

Your flyer may end up wrapped in half a dozen other brochures and the customer never sees it!

Independent research has shown that bulk deliveries and bundling can reduce the response rate to a piece of direct mail by up to 40%.

7  Reasons to choose APA

1: Unbundled Distribution:

Your flyers will not be bundled with Supermarket 10 – 20 pages catalogues.
MEANS: Your flyer is not part of Junk Mail

2: Industry Exclusivity:

Your flyer will not be delivered with any competitive material.
MEANS: More visibility for your flyers

3: Timing:

We will make sure to complete the distribution before your promo day.
MEANS: You can plan well ahead

4: Client Cross Check:

We invite you to cross check whilst distribution is in progress.
MEANS: Believe your eyes

5: Walkers:

All walkers are trained in our office, & tracked by GPS device.
MEANS: No Cheating, Better Quality

6: Field Supervisors:

Supervisors check streets whilst walkers are delivering & all supervisors are also tracked by GPS devices
MEANS: No Cheating, Better Quality

7: Proof of Deliveries:

Full GPS audit track report is sent to you that shows what streets done or missed.
MEANS: Peace of Mind, Your money well spent Better ROI

- Our Trust, Transparency and Integrity

- It is not about getting the lowest quote


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