It is not about getting the lowest quote

It is NOT about getting the LOWEST quote. Because if our competitors delivery only HALF of your flyers, you are paying more than double the LOW Quote that you received!

It’s not all about getting the LOWEST quote in the unregulated flyer and Letterbox distribution industry. Because, if it is NOT All Delivered, how much are you really paying?
For example: If you get a quote for 4 – 5 cents per piece for 10,000 ($40/$50 per 1000) flyers to be delivered,
If the distribution company only delivers 1/2 of them, you are really paying 10 cents per piece. (i.e. $100/1000)!
Even worse, If they only deliver 1/4 of your print, you are really paying 20 cents! i.e. $200/ 1000.
Plus the wasted cost of Printing! So how much is it costing you ???
Plus the low response rate – what is it going to cost your business in real terms???

It’s not about Lowest Price – Its about getting flyers in every letterbox that will translate to good RESULTS that may make your business more clients- True – isn’t it?

Fact: if human beings are not cross checked they may take a shortcut or not do a job properly.

In Letterbox distribution: If the walkers are not cross checked, if it is NOT GPS TRACKED, it may NOT be All Delivered!

The GPS tracking system that we use is available to all delivery companies, but 99% of our competitors choose not to use it, because they do not want you to know what has really been delivered!

Transparent distribution model — Powered by GPS Tracking — Best in the industry.

Remember when getting a Quote, A Company that is not using GPS Tracking is NOT Delivering all the flyers

to all delivery companies!
But 99% of our competitors choose not to use it! Why ?!!??

Print 4 Less Advertising not only has the best, professional delivery of flyers, brochures, pamphlets and other advertisements, but we offer a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE!

If you find another advertising delivery or distribution company that can match our services, but give you a quote for a lower price, we will beat it by 10%

We feature Full GPS Tracking of our professional delivery people, which lets you cross check your residential or B2B flyer delivery / Letterbox Distribution.

We are the only Distribution Company that provides
Full GPS Track Reports to our Clients that show that your advertisements have been All Delivered
You Can see not only what Streets were covered
(or missed) but also what houses covered (or missed)!

Compare Apples with Apples

Our Competitor must meet the following terms for us to offer our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE:

  • Your Distribution should not be bundled with Supermarket – 10 -20 pages catalogues. It should be Individually Distributed – Not distributed with any Competitive Material nor anything bigger than the size of your leaflet/ flyer
  • All Walkers & supervisors should be tracked by GPS devices
  • They must invite you to cross check whilst distribution is in progress
  • They Must provide “Full GPS Track Report” for their flyer distribution services. They should provide you the web link for verification with 48 hours of completion of delivery.
  • They must be in business for a minimum of 2 years. The only reason we require this is because there are a lot of fly-by-night companies.
  • They must provide you with a WRITTEN quote. The quote must be dated 14 days ago or less.

It’s not all about getting the LOWEST quote in the unregulated flyer and door hanger distribution industry.

Because, if it is NOT GPS Tracked, it’s NOT All Delivered!

Risk Free to You & Maximum Pain to Us!

We want to take all the risk out of your decision now.
We value you and want you to be so delighted with us, that you want to tell your friends about us.
We know we can provide you with the absolute Best Quality Direct Advertising, Printing and Distribution solutions to improve your business by many folds.

“If You Are Completely Satisfied Per the Following, We Keep the Payment, Otherwise we Insist To Reimburse You With $500.00 for wasting your Time

  • 1: Flyers / brochures/ Advertising Material were distributed on your preferred days or you were clearly informed of the days the distribution is to be done.
  • 2: Distribution was done not bundled or rolled up with any catalogues, supermarket brochures etc or flyers bigger than yours (put together with similar size flyers) or flyer of competing business.
  • 3: You were invited by us to check on the distribution, whilst the distribution was in progress. Job schedule (by email or SMS or Phone call) was sent to you.
  • 4: We gave you the full report after the finish of the job of any streets left or any excess material left with us.
  • 5: You received a Full GPS Track report for the areas your flyers were delivered to
  • 6: More than 90% Coverage was achieved for the demarcated areas of distribution

Print 4 Less Advertising Distribution guarantees the delivery of its Client’s Advertising Material into Minimum of 90% of all letterboxes within the demarcated area of the client as agreed by Print4Less Advertising Distribution

If we were not sure about our systems and ability to delivery high standards of quality, we could not have provided you with this Guarantee – isn’t it?