Covid-19 Related Delays: Essential Terms and Conditions

Your proposed distribution project as per the attached quote is now being put through our booking system.

Please be advised that we may not be able to keep the distribution dates as stated, because of the following reasons:

  1. Extreme shortage of labour
    Our industry is a very labour-intensive industry. During the regular years, we would have on average of over 200 workers on our books. But as of now, we are down to less than 1/5th of work force. The current inbound travel restrictions in Australia towards backpackers/ working holiday visa workers / students have decimated the availability of staff to undertake our distribution efforts. Further to this, the State and Federal Governments are offering incentives to backpackers and overseas workers on short stays in Australia to go and work in the farms.All the above, has resulted to an unprecedent shortage of work force labour throughout NSW.
    As this crisis drags on, we are now facing shortage of walkers, as have all businesses who are in labour intensive industries.
  1. We have extended our booking times from our standard 2 weeks to 4 – 6 weeks (this may further be extended based on availability of distributors / walkers and / or any adverse weather events)
  2. We can no longer commit to ANY distribution projects to go on its own as a single flyer and / or with industry exclusivity. We will need to send flyers of competing businesses together in the same distribution run.
  3. Our commitments to keep you informed as we proceed with your distribution remains UNCHANGED.

Please bear with us until the International Border Restriction are eased and we can get back to our normal delivery speed. Acceptance of our quote herein will constitute your acceptance of the essential terms and conditions stated above.

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