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Direct Mail: It is Old Fashioned, It Still Works!

Five Stats About Direct Mail

The Australian people have a love affairs with their letterbox!

{*Source: Australia Post Consumer Survey Mail Findings – May 2013}
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85% of People check their mail daily* 99% of people opened their mail* 58% store their mail for later reference*; 80% read their mail on their day it arrives* People engage with their mail on average 3 minutes per day*

Let’s Do the Math

If you executed a direct mail campaign to 10,000 targets, and achieved a 1 percent response rate, you’d gain 100 customers.

To gain those same 100 customers, you’d have to run a banner ad that reached 3,035,700 targets (and let’s face it, you’re probably reaching a lot of non-targets in that number too).

The great thing about direct mail is that you can still rent or create a highly targeted list of prospects relatively inexpensively, as there is no wasted circulation. You’re only sending your message to prospects who meet your criteria — and therein lies the rub. Many companies aren’t clear exactly who they should be targeting, so they rent a list that is so broad that it has no chance of delivering a successful ROI.

Take a Bite Out of Postage Costs

If your only targeting criteria is to reach households who live in a specific Post Code, or a specific suburb, you don’t even need to create your own data. The Aus Post offers a service called “Every Door Direct Mail.” By leveraging this new service, marketers can save thousands of dollars on postage — in fact, you can reach your 10,000 targets for as little of $1 per household.

Tactile, Targeted and Oh-So-Clever

Business-to-business marketers, who always benefit from targeting vertical market segments, should have a digital presence on sites where their known prospects visit — but have you looked at the overwhelming and competing messages on these sites lately? It seems you cannot even visit a site without being slapped in the face with an invasive pop-up ad, or flashing banner ad. Since 72 percent of Internet users say pop-ups are “very annoying,” and 49 percent find banner ads as annoying as pop-ups, your brand could probably benefit from moving into a distraction-free zone — which is what direct mail truly offers.

When direct mail arrives, your recipient must at least touch it — if only for a moment before recycling it — but if you’ve crafted a targeted and meaningful message, it will get opened. And that’s where many marketers fail. They don’t truly understand how to craft a direct mail piece that works.

Grabbing someone’s attention isn’t as simple as mailing a postcard — or a letter in an envelope. Although I’ve seen both of those tactics work when done intelligently. Three-dimensional packages can be an excellent way to get attention, especially if you’re selling something that’s expensive and your initial goal is to get an appointment for your sales force.

Addressed Mail & Mail Fulfillment

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We provide a range of solutions from one off direct mail jobs to full scale direct mail marketing solutions, for local, national or international markets. We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses outsource their mail room. Our direct mailing team will take care of every step of the mailing process from print to delivery

Our Services

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Data Manipulation, Security Mailings, Corporate Mailings, Intelligent Inserting APA offers full range of Mail services.

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Using our sample mailing service, we can ensure that your samples reach your customer not just on time, but also within budget.

3: Fulfilment

Nearly half a century of supplying skilled manual solutions to Australian and International Businesses. Rely on APA Mailing’s quick and accurate fulfilment services.

Our typical lead-time to despatch is 3 to 4 working days, but if it’s “hit the fan” time… Give us a call! We will handle

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