GPS Tracking


The flyer distribution industry is not regulated, but Print4Less Advertising aims to bring back accountability! At Print4Less Advertising we distribute millions of flyers every month. All our deliveries are tracked using GPS units, checked by supervisors giving our customers peace of mind that their material was actually delivered, and not thrown in the trash. That is the last thing you want! We gain our customers’ trust by proving that we actually delivered their material through our Distribution Reports. Our delivery KPI’s are higher than any other distribution company in Australia inc. Aust Post.

Transparent Distribution Model — Powered by GPS Tracking — Best in The Industry.

Accurate Delivery Maps.

Print4Less customises its delivery maps to meet your specifications. Click here to open the map to see an example of one of our detailed delivery maps. We take great pride in offering complete, high-quality and accurate deliveries. We accept nothing less – and neither should you. We have instituted an in-house quality control system that has yet to be duplicated anywhere else in our industry. Our transparent distribution model – powered by GPS Tracking is the best in our industry.

Print4Less’ four (4) step Verification Process

  • Client Check – Whilst Distribution is in progress: You will receive an email for the day & date of commencement of your distribution and on the day of your distribution, our Area Supervisor will SMS you. You can meet the supervisor and walkers in the field & cross check whilst distribution is in progress.
  • GPS – All of our Walkers & Supervisors are monitored through our state-of-the-art GPS system to further insure that your distribution is accurate and complete. Click here to open the map to see an example of one of our GPS verification maps.
  • Field QC – We visually inspect your delivery area(s) to further insure we are providing the highest quality distribution available. Click here to open the map to see an example of one of our Supervisor’s GPS verification Tracks on the map. This symbol represents our Supervisor checking homes & verifying deliveries.
  • Distribution Manager QC – Once the distribution is completed and all GPS tracks of walkers and supervisors are loaded, we cross check and look for any gaps that need to be fixed.


How to View GPS Tracks

  • Please click on the hyperlink above to view the GPS map. It will open in the form of Google maps. You can use the feature of zooming in and out and satellite view etc.
  • Please let us know if you require any assistance using the hyperlink.
  • Each track is a different colour. Each colour is a different walker.
  • The supervisors also carries a GPS on them so we can see them driving around to do spot-checks on walkers and top them up with more flyers.

Disclaimer for Accuracy of GPS units

  • GPS tracking units may at times provide an erroneous reading because of one or all the reasons below:
  • GPS unit manufacturers’ state that this type of equipment is accurate to “within 10 meters” so some variation may be apparent with some tracks.
  • We have noted some instances of interference where tracks appear to deviate from a logical course. Most likely this type of interference is from communications equipment such as radio base units, mobile phone cell stations, overhead power cables & power stations
  • Mobile phone and GPS units in close proximity (hence our walkers are instructed that the GPS Unit and mobile phones are to be kept separate).
  • Between the time of 10.00 am – 12.00 am (EST) because of GMT 0000hr is not accurately resolved on the mapping software.

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