Service Guarantee

Our Unique $500 Guarantee

Risk Free to You & Maximum Pain to Us!

We want to take all the risk out of your decision now. We value you and want you to be so delighted with us, that you want to tell your friends about us. We know we can provide you with the absolute Best Quality Direct Advertising, Printing and Distribution solutions to improve your business by many folds.

If You Are Completely Satisfied Per the Following, We Keep the Payment, Otherwise we Insist To Reimburse You With $500.00 for Wasting your Time!!

  • 1. Your Flyers / brochures/ Advertising Material was distributed in your demarcated area & you were clearly informed of the days the distribution is to be done.
  • 2: Distribution was done not bundled or rolled up with any catalogues, supermarket brochures etc.
  • 3: You were invited by us to check on the distribution, whilst the distribution was in progress. We will inform you by email or SMS or Phone call a day before or on the day of distribution.
  • 4: We will give you the full report after the finish of the job of any streets left or any excess material left with us.
  • 5: You will receive a Full GPS Track report for the areas your flyers were delivered to
  • 6: More than 90% Coverage was achieved for the demarcated areas of distribution

APA Distribution guarantees the delivery of its Client’s Advertising Material into Minimum of 90% of all letterboxes within the demarcated area of the client as agreed by Print4Less Advertising Distribution
If we were not sure about our systems and ability to delivery high standards of quality we could not have provided you with this Guarantee – isn’t it?


Firstly, there is a practical reason why we can confidently make this guarantee.
Fact 1: Human beings are cheaters
Fact 2: If no one is looking human beings will cheat.
Fact 3: If you drive a car “you do slow down when you see a Police Car on High-way” Why?

How We Do The Distribution
  • 1: We do not employ house wives or pensioners
  • 2: We Do Not Trust our Walkers
  • 3: We do not let walkers take flyers/pamphlets to their home
  • 4: We have supervisors checking on them whilst distribution is in progress
  • 5: We invite you to check whilst distribution is in progress.
  • 6: We track all the Wakers & supervisors with GPS tacking
  • 7: We send full report of GPS tracks to our Clients