Our Trust, Transparency and Integrity

That is the last thing you want! We gain our customers’ trust by proving that we actually delivered their material through our Distribution Reports. Our delivery KPI’s are higher than any other distribution company in Australia inc. any postal services.

Transparent distribution model — powered by GPS Tracking — Best in the industry.

Accurate Delivery Maps.

APA customises its delivery maps to meet your specifications. Click here to open the map to see an example of one of our detailed delivery maps.
We take great pride in offering complete, high-quality and accurate deliveries. We accept nothing less – and neither should you. We have instituted an in-house quality control system that has yet to be duplicated anywhere else in our industry. Our transparent distribution model – powered by GPS Tracking is the best in our industry.

APA’s four (4) steps Verifications Process for Distribution:

1: Client Check – Whilst Distribution is in progress: You will receive an email for the day & date of commencement of your distribution and on the day of your distribution, our Area Supervisor will SMS you. You can meet the supervisor and walkers in the field & cross check whilst distribution is in progress.

2: GPS – All of our Walkers & Supervisors are monitored through our state-of-the-art GPS system to further insure that your distribution is accurate and complete. Click here to open the map to see an example of one of our GPS verification maps.

3: Field QC – We visually inspect your delivery area(s) to further insure we are providing the highest quality distribution available. Click here to open the map to see an example of one of our Supervisor’s GPS verification Tracks on the map. This symbol represents our Supervisor checking homes & verifying deliveries.

4: In House QC – Once the distribution is completed and all GPS tracks of walkers and supervisors are loaded, we cross check and look for any gaps that need to be fixed.