If Google Uses Letterbox to Advertise, You Should Too!

Recently I had surprise in my letterbox!

Google had sent me Postcard in my letterbox (no not my inbox but my Letterbox) where we get snail mail!!! Can you believe it?
We at APA do run an AdWords campaign, lately we have been slow in running our campaign on Google, and Google being Google the Mega Grand Mother of all internet was wondering how it could help us! Google sent a postcard with great offer via traditional snail mail!
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I Need More Business What Do I DO?

“Australia has a unique tradition of household Leaflet distribution, which far outstrips other media options in cost effectiveness”

The sheer popularity of leaflets & catalogues with retailers and consumers makes this form of advertising as the best form of advertising. Retailers know how powerful home delivered advertisement can be, and this is evidenced by their popularity as the significant medium of choice.
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How to become a local hero with LAM

Businesses big or small, local or national, new or old – All get the majority of their customers from their LOCAL AREA within a close proximity to their business location. Thus majority of marketing experts focus a lot on the LOCAL AREA MARKETING (LAM). For a new business since you are still in a nascent stage you cannot spend a great deal on advertising. Try out Local Area Marketing (LAM). In this area of marketing the size of the firm does not matter. Here are some methods where LAM can be used.

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Mapping your local area – is Critical to success for your letterbox distribution

Prior to starting an advertising campaign, it is important to identify your target audience. The demography closer to your business location. Otherwise, all your endeavours and investment will go to waste. However, determining the target market is not as easy as it appears. In spite of it being the most difficult part of an advertising campaign, you need to ensure that you get it right. After recognizing your target customers, you should attempt to find out the right campaign distribution region. Mapping the right area will help you to distribute your flyers to the appropriate letterboxes. This will assure a good return on investment and make sure that you are not putting your time and money on the wrong people.
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The 7 Ps of marketing

The 7 Ps are a set of recognised marketing tactics, which you can use in any combination to satisfy customers in your target market. The 7 Ps are controllable, but subject to your internal and external marketing environments. Combining these different marketing tactics to meet your customers’ needs and wants is known as using a ‘tactical marketing mix’.
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What do Australians think of advertising?

What do consumers consider the most effective advertising channels for your marketing messages?
If people are evaluating options, making a final purchase decision or getting rewards or information from a product or service provider, which channels do they consider to be most useful to them?
By addressing these questions, this study aims to give marketers insight into how people view different channels, help identify gaps and opportunities in a marketer’s current channel mix, and allocate spend to the channels most appropriate for engaging and influencing target segments.
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Why APA Flyer Distribution

“SUCCESS is doing ordinary things
EXTRA Ordinarily WELL

The Flyer distribution industry is not regulated, but APA aims to bring back accountability! At APA our deliveries are tracked using GPS units, checked by supervisors giving out customer’s peace of mind that their material was actually delivered into letterboxes, and not thrown in the trash. That is the last thing you want!

Don’t let unreliable delivery compromise your leaflet campaign.

Please be aware there are two major problems with regards to flyers distribution!!
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