Worried your flyers go straight in the bin?

How to make sure your flyer distribution campaigns are top performers.

It has been said that flyer distribution is old-fashioned and cheap but this is an outdated opinion as flyer distribution is probably one of the most taken for granted mediums of advertising. Regular users of this medium of advertising continually prove that they are a highly effective way of generating new customers. There may be cheaper ways to advertise your product, but leaflet drops will always generate a good ROI if executed properly. Although it is sometimes frustrating to see how leaflets are not being developed sufficiently enough to reach their full potential.

Here are some good ways to avoid people throwing your leaflets straight in the bin:


One of the primary reasons why people throw your leaflet in the bin is because it annoys them, plain and simple. This is most probably because you have been delivering the same leaflet / flyer design too frequently and instead of advertising, you end up spamming your customers, and no one likes being spammed.

Delivering flyers is not and should not be as easy as just delivering them wherever you can. More people would prefer to have advertising materials in the form of leaflets / flyers rather than e-mails.

To ensure the effectiveness of your campaign, you should carefully target your audience prior to the flyer drops being carried out. Mapping your area is very important. You need to know demography of the area, demand for your product & services as well as density of housing in the area you are targeting. Once this is done, it would be easier for you to set a fixed frequency of when you will be delivering flyers. Knowing who your previous customers are will also give you a good idea of where you get the majority of your clients.


The design of your flyer is crucial. Too simple, it gets thrown. Too cluttered, it gets thrown too. So how should effective flyers look?

First, be as precise as possible. People should know who you are, what you do and what you are selling by the first couple of seconds they glance at your leaflet.

Second, if you are using images, use only the best or don’t use them at all. Pictures can be very captivating, and it will draw people’s attention to your leaflet, but if they are poor quality or not relevant to the item you’re promoting this will have a negative effect. Check this out

Thirdly, your logo shouldn’t be the main focal point of your advertisement; your message should be.

Lastly, make sure you include all the possible ways the reader can contact you and make sure the primary methods you want them to use are prominent. There is little point in adding your phone number on the leaflet at the bottom and in a small font size as the reader won’t be able to find it easily.

People now a days tend to do a little research before purchasing anything, and it would be in your best interest if you set-up social media platforms beyond your website for information as well.


People are bombarded by advertising everywhere from streets, television, e-mails, online ads, etc. you name it. We live in an advertising bubble! One of the best things about leaflets is that no other advertising medium have its tangibility. With leaflets, people have the choice of throwing it or keeping it, and you want them to do the latter.

Offering vouchers or discount coupons is one fail-safe way to stand out and get your potential customer’s attention. By adding a voucher in your leaflet, clients who do intend to purchase your product in the future will have a reason to keep your leaflet and refer to it later. This is a particularly effective strategy when you are launching new products, and you want customers to try it.

Good example is Aldi supermarket catalogues


After all the many hours of hard work in designing the flyer and best promotion you don’t want your money wasted.

Lastly, but by no means least, using a professional, highly rated flyer distribution company to distribute your leaflets is essential. You wouldn’t want all your hard work and efforts to go to waste by choosing a cheap company to deliver your leaflets because you think it’s saving you money. The reality is that it isn’t saving you money, it’s actually costing you money if they only deliver half of them or worse still, throw them all in the bin. If you were shopping for parachutes for your skydive, would you choose the cheapest possible option to save money?

A few things to check to make sure the company you’re planning on using is reputable:

1. Are they GPS Tracking all of their deliveries
2. Can the Client Check – Whilst Distribution is in progress?
3. How they perform their letterbox distribution?
4. What Google reviews click here have other customers left

Provided you follow the items set out in this article, you can be sure your flyer distribution campaign will perform well, and your flyers won’t go straight in the bin.

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