Sneeze Guards for as less as $99 Protects your staff and clients

Sneeze Guards & Protective Shields

Protects your staff and clients from sneeze, cough and germs, and assists in preventing the spread of infection. Sneeze Guard is an effective way to maintain social distancing where you need it the most!

Where are these Sneeze Guards used?


Choose Protective Barrier Screens that suit you

1.  Flat sneeze guards

Freestanding perspex screen with option to add fixed feet kit to tape/screw to the bench top if required. This is shipped flat pack. Very popular with medical practices, hospitals and reception counters. Available in ten standard sizes varying from 600mm W x 600mm H to 1200mm W x 1200mm H


2. Wraparound Sneeze Guards

A robust and strong design offering front and size shield. Fixed to the bench top using supplied very high bond clear double-sided tape and/or screws to suit the pre-drilled holes on the base. Available in two standard sizes.


3. Inclined Sneeze Guards

These protective screens are free standing and have a L-shaped sloping front face, very popular with hospitality industry like cafe’s, bakeries, buffets, and food display stores. Comes with pre-drilled base and mounting screws included so can be permanently installed if required. Available in three standard sizes.


4. Curved Sneeze Guards

Free-standing curved acrylic glass sneeze guards with optional fixed feet kit to tape/screw to the bench top if required.  Designed for simplicity and protection whilst adding aesthetics in the mix. Equally popular with office workstations & store-fronts. Available in three standard sizes.


5. Custom Sizes and Shapes

If our standard sizes are not suitable for your workplace, get in touch with us today for a free quote on any custom sneeze guards or bulk orders. Our design team can work with you to work out the best solution … generally as quickly as 3 to 4  days!


We ship Australia wide – Flat Rate of $29.95 per order!

Our Sneeze guards have been locally designed and produced, and get shipped out Australia wide from our factory at Auburn.







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