Flyer Distribution helps kickstart recovery of your business

Hi there,
Yeehaaaa! !  We have pretty much beaten Covid-19 & businesses will reopen soon! We all are excited!

Yes, we have been open during the crisis and have been serving the community and now as the restrictions are slowly being relaxed, this is the time for you to reconnect with your customers ahead of your competitors.

“Serving the Community” packages:

We can assist you to reconnect and rebound from loss of sales due to COVID-19 and set your business up for sales activity as the government lifts restrictions. This could be sooner than we think.


“Flyer Distribution helps kickstart recovery of your business”

Please take advantage of flyer distribution, which proves to be the strongest media channel for reaching and communicating to local households.

Keeping a customer happy, confident, and engaged in your business takes regular communication – which is where the letterbox comes in.

How can Letterbox advertising help?


Regular communication is key. It is proven that businesses that advertise in economic recovery stages see an uplift in sales and create stronger connections and loyalty for consumers. Especially for local communities. Supporting local business is something Australians are very passionate about.

Catalogues rank as the highest influencer above all other channels

Australia has a unique tradition of household Leaflet/Pamphlet distribution, which far outstrips other media options in cost effectiveness and sheer popularity with retailers and consumers alike. Retailers know how powerful home delivered advertisement can be, and this is evidenced by their popularity as the significant medium of choice.

Don’t know where to drop your flyers? No problem, we will help you. We deliver over 60 million flyers every year all GPS tracked! We are an Australian business, our team are local walkers and are passionate to get your message into the letterboxes and help you drive results.

Want to Print Flyers or brochures? Lowest Printing Prices GURANTEED. Should you find a cheaper printing quote we will beat it! Print4Less

Your flyer is a salesperson in print. If you don’t have a graphic designer? No problem – we will design your flyer complimentary as part of our “Serving the Community” package.

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If Google Uses Letterbox to Advertise, You Should Too!


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