How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Flyer

When designing any print marketing piece, particularly letterbox advertising, make sure to choose the right paper. Check out the step by step procedure to help you with the same:  

Advertising revolves around several factors including right time, right message, and right place. However, for a letterbox campaign, you need to consider an extra factor to consider, i.e. choosing the right paper.
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How to Track the Success of Your Flyer Campaign

Letterbox marketing is an amalgamation of science and art. You can’t solely bank on creativity to convey your message across the globe and get clients; instead you need to adopt scientific measures as well. And this is where campaign monitoring comes into play.

You need to keep a track on your marketing campaigns so as to ensure everything is going as intended. With the perfect metrics at your end, you’ll come to know whether you campaign will help you get/lose sales. Moreover, it also tells you on what measures you need to work on so as to improve your upcoming campaigns.
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