GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking system that we use is available to all flyer/catalogue distribution companies, but 99% of our competitors choose not to use it!


Don’t let unreliable distribution company’s compromise your flyer distribution campaign!

Fact: if human beings are not cross checked they may take a shortcut or not do a job properly.

If the walkers are not supervised & are not cross-checked, all your flyers may not be delivered!

How Does GPS Works?

Using uniquely designed GPS track logger devices that we can track the delivery of your flyer to every street and to every house that gives you complete peace of mind that your job has been fully delivered

The GPS logger is switched-on and carried in a pocket or on the belt of the walker/distributor at the start of the distribution work in any zone. As the distributor walks along the street, the GPS logger records the route taken, speed, elevation. If both the sides of the streets were delivered to and a single side of the street delivered to. This data is then uploaded to GPS Tracking interface CRM to verify the distribution work was properly carried out. GPS tracking for distribution measure the actual time utilised in distribution work, actual KM walked and you can see what street was missed or what house was skipped!

An Quality Control report which includes all tracks of every walker & supervisor is cross checked, verified and hyperlink of the GPS tracks is to the client within 72 hours of completion of distribution.

We are the only distribution company that provides Full GPS Track Reports to its clients. You can see not only what streets were covered (or missed) but also what houses covered (or missed).

Transparent Distribution Model — Powered by GPS Tracking — Best in The Industry.